Topics To Ponder

The following topics have been proposed by members over the life of Rural Women in Conversation

Though we try to project topics into the future they have proven to be a fluid … i.e. the ladies decide at the end of each event what topic will be our focus for the next event. Or sometimes the convenor’s are greatly inspired to take an impulsive new direction.

If you’d like to add an idea to the list, fill in the form below.


Is it the only pathway to acceptance and healing?​


What 'things' do we need to be happy and productive?

Role Models

Who are our role models in this gender fluid century?​


Critical thinking, it sounds good but what does it mean?


Good sense rules to be followed ... or an outdated concept?


Who gets to do it and what does it look like?


Has it gone too far? Are innocent casualties justifiable?


We all respond to colour instinctively. Why?


Can we live without it? Does it every serve us positively?


Could the rise of women's sport be threatened by transgender activism?


We all need it but how do we develop it?

goal Setting

'To Do Lists'. Are they helpful or overwhelming?


We'd love to hear your idea


We'd love to hear your idea


We'd love to hear your idea

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