When to push and when to pull back

Cement Mills Hall, 10:30 am

When to push forward and when to pull back?

Women generally tend to defer their needs for the needs of their families and loved ones. This tendency can spilll over into other relationships and social circumstances such as work. We want to unpack this feminine tendency:

– why we might have this proclivity,

– what strategies we can deploy to assert ourselves, and

–  when and where  that assertion might be warranted.




Our Facilitator for the Panel Discussion

Kathryn Walton
Kathryn Walton

Kathryn’s vision is to create a healthier, happier world by connecting people with outdoors-based activities and the benefits of nature. Kathryn is highly motivated to encourage people to find their inner strength and improve their ability to navigate the challenges of life. She has been doing just that for many years with a well established coaching and consulting service. Details can be found at:

Kathryn’s role will be to facilitate the panel discussion, leading us closer to healthier minds and bodies by exploring the topic of:

Negotiation: when to step forward when to pull back.

Our Panel for the day

Helen Lewis
Helen Lewis

Helen is passionate about regenerative farming practises and these ethics form the foundations of her farming enterprise at Picots Farms. Helen also juggles professional duties as General Manager of The Outback Way.

Helen is a strong advocate for women’s issues and will bring much to this discussion on negotiation, in particular, as she has been successful in negotiating the funding necessary to build a massive highway through the middle of Australia! A remarkable feat.

Tanya Jobling
Tanya Jobling

Tanya’s life is deeply engrained in biodiversity, horses, family, farming, education. A deep thinker, Tanya is also passionate about women’s issues and has been collaborating with me in the lead up to this event to help craft and design the event. I value her contribution deeply.
Tanya is currently Condamine Headwaters Landcare Coordinator (Warwick) as well as running her own farm and farmstay business at Wallaby Creek.

Julie Lehane
Julie Allen

Julie brings deep experience in women’s issues with her years working as a Domestic Violence Counsellor in Kinagroy. Julie will bring much to this discussion having had to counsel women in extreme circumstances, assisting them to assert themselves when their needs were being overridden. 

Julie is passionate about her garden and loves living in the rural sector.

Currently Consultant at: Bunyarra Counselling Services

Margot Tesch
Margôt Tesch

Margôt is a lover of debate and in-depth conversations. She is passionate about women’s issues and was fortunate to have been selected to participate in the National Rural Women’s Coalition Women’s Leadership Training Muster in Canberra in 2021. Having had to negotiate her way through her own marriage over the last decade, she is highly motivated to explore this issue with other women.


Please bring your own lunch and a plate to share. Tea and coffee provided.

Shared Content

Personality Test: Understanding Myself

This personality test costs $US9.95 and is worthwhile taking. It provides a detailed report on your personality types.

Podcast: Bobo and Flex on Conflict Resolution 

Entertaining yet deeply probing conversation about conflict resolution and conversation we have with friends in difficult times.


Why do women score higher in the character trait 'agreeableness' and how does this impact their ability to negotiate?

When to push

When should we insist on what we need or want? Is it reasonable that we should always defer to other's needs?

When to pull back

When it is valid to concede?


How to negotiate better working conditions, including salary increases? Do we wait until it's offered, or should we ask?

Event Running Sheet

10:30 – Arrive and share a tea/coffee/wine and a quick chat
(Please bring a plate to share)
11:00 – Introductions and welcome
11:10 – Panel Discussion
12:30 – Break for lunch (Please BYO)
1:30 – Out door activity, reflections
2:30 – Scenarios: explore real life situations and collaborate on potential pathways
3:30 – Let’s Talk! Open discussion forum, summarise, reflections on the day
4:00 – Tea / coffee / wine


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