Grow with Humour

Growing with Humour

What a delight it was to host Fiona McGary and Sharon Fennell for an extra special Rural Women’s event.

Finding the Funny
15 ladies gathered on the deck of Spring Creek Station

Sharon Fennel kicked off the workshop with some wise words regarding mental health. She pointed out that we all have to deal with adversity at times but the good news is, however bad you might feel … it will pass.

Fiona took the reins and led us through a thought provoking, challenging workshop on the benefits of humour. She talked about what humour was and encouraged us to probe our own perceptions around humour.

She taught us that we can build our sense of humour. We were born with a natural propensity towards humour. Babies laugh before they can talk.

It was interesting to realise that humour can co-exist with other emotions. It’s possible, even in the depths of grief, to find the funny and she encouraged us that this is a healthier way to deal with adversity.

Become a humour hunter

Hunt down humour

Learn to observe yourself and avoid being judgemental of others.

Humour is a choice and Fiona gave us some great tips on how we can develop our humour muscle.

Hints and Tips

Be your own humour personal trainer
Set reminders to find something funny
Get a laughter buddy
Host comedy film nights
Start your day finding something funny
Think about what was funny yesterday
Create a humour ‘hip flask’

Some fellas joined us at five for the finale. I performed a 5 minute stand up routine – my first ever. I was delighted that I did manage to garner a few laughs before handing over the to real comedian.

Fiona performed for us and made us laugh further. It was a lovely afternoon and was thoroughly enjoyed by all who participated.

Not sure how to follow this one up … our best yet.