Growing with Humour

One-of-a-kind unforgettable personal development opportunity

Spring Creek Station, 1:30 pm

Fiona McGary has agreed to come all the way to the Traprock from the Gold Coast to stimulate and challenge us.

Humour helps people with their psychological and physical well-being. How can we train ourselves to find the funny, even when we feel way out of our depth?

Thanks to support from PHN West Moreton we are able to host this extra-ordinary event.




Presented By Fiona McGary

Fiona McGary is a professional comedian of 20 years, speaker, trainer and thought leader in using humour as a tool for growth and change. Fiona’s performances have included being part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Adelaide Fringe and Sydney Comedy Festival

After working as a professional stand-up comedian for 20 years, Fiona was fascinated to unpack the science behind humour; what it is; how it works and how we can better use its power to enhance aspects of both our personal and professional lives. When utilised effectively, humour can help us process and move through difficult times. It develops the same muscle that builds creativity, and innovation. It develops resilience and delivers an increased overall sense of well-being that is essential for any lifestyle.

Fiona’s obsession with understanding this mysterious force, along with her desire to help individuals harness the amazing power of humour has lead to the development of her “Grow with Humour” workshop.

We are excited to have such a sort-after motivational and professional development speaker come all the way to share on the topic of humour, change and building resilience.

What you will learn


How to create, build and maintain resilience by understanding your humour profile


How to create a humour mindset and how to maximise it

Better Health

What are the health benefits of exploring the humourous perspective. How to ease stress, fear anxiety and depression


How to use humour to create, innovate and collaborate

Overcome Obstacles

Harness your own sense of humour and overcome challenges

Humour Tools

Learn the skilful application of humour tools in your personal and professional life


Using mindfulness as a tangible humour tool


How to use humour to develop mental flexibility

This event will be catered - drinks and light refreshments

Special Extra: Stand-up Routine by Fiona McGary 5:00 PM

Partners will be able to join us at 5:00 pm to enjoy a final icing on the cake for this event. Fiona will perform for 30 minute standup routine.

Here’s a teeny sample of her work.

Event Running Sheet

1:30 – Arrive and share a tea/coffee/wine and a quick chat.
2:00 – Introduce Fiona McGary
2:05 – Grow with Humour Workshop
4:00 – Break for a glass of wine nibbles
5:00 – Special standup comedic performance by Fiona McGary. Partners welcome
5:30 – Finish