Creativity: A gift or learned?

The fifth ‘Rural Women in Conversation’ was held on Saturday at Glenelg, very kindly hosted by Amanda.

We appreciate the commitment made by our guest speaker, Hilary Richardson, in making the trip to Glenelg to share her story of a life enriched by her interest in painting, both on china, and in watercolours. Hilary spoke of the skills she needed to learn to develop her artwork, and the inspiration she draws from her love of the beauty of flowers – a love fostered by her father’s growing and exhibiting of flowers. Thank you Hilary for sharing your thoughts on creativity and your interest in artwork with us.

The themes of the myriad avenues open to each of us to be creative, and the varied sources of inspiration, were shared between us all. So many of us are motivated to express our creativity in cooking, writing, gardening, photography and sewing etc – everyday opportunities to express our individuality and our personal priorities.

To sit in a room together and hear what most interests your neighbours when the everyday tasks are done and dusted, is a very inspiring abd positive experience.

Ideas were shared on where inspiration can be found – the beauty of the natural world, admired achievements of other people, the internet, books and stories which pack an emotional punch, just to name a few.

Hilary included a hands on drawing exercise using beautiful black charcoal sticks – an enjoyable opportunity to practice ‘just doing it’!
An audio presentation generously contributed by Christine Porter, a valued exhibitor for many years at Art in the Woolshed, set out to consider the question of whether creativity is innate or learned. Christine identified 3 possible steps in her creative process – the allowing of ideas to come, development of skills to bring ideas to fruition & the sharing of your work. Her belief is that we can each be creative in very many ways & can enhance our creative ‘muscles’ by encouraging the practice of silliness – allowing our minds to think outside the usual.

Creativity was a very apt topic for the challenging season we are all dealing with. The conversation underlined the deeply felt need we have to express our creativity within our practical work – that it can be a very enriching source of enjoyment and stimulation. 

It was a delight to visit the lovely old Glenelg homestead – thank you Amanda for your warm and generous hospitality in hosting us all. It was a welcome chance for our batteries to be recharged and our connections with neighbours strengthened.

Thanks for your support of the ‘teeny weeny’ plant stall – $85 will be given in support of the fund raising for Daniel Finch on behalf of the group.

Wrap-up as composed by Dinie Ferrier

The schedule for the event

1:45      Arrive and share a tea/coffee/wine and a quick chat
2:10       Introductions and checkin on rules of engagement
2:15       Discussion point ONE – What is creativity?
2:30       Introduce our guest: Hilary Richardson
3:30       Discussion Point THREE – creativity in our own lives
4:00       Finish formalities, group to enjoy refreshments as travel commitment allows