Covid-19: How will it change our lives?

It was a new experience for our Rural Women to hold this conversation over Zoom. While all confessed they preferred the face-to-face contact, everyone was delighted to have Sarah T and Diana J join us … a welcome addition to our little group!

Sadly … I forgot to take a picture of all those lovely smiling faces. 🙁

Negative Covid-19 experiences

We began our discussion by each sharing what negative experiences the Covid-19 lockdown caused in our lives. Here are some of our thoughts:

  1. It was frustrating and disappointing having to cancel travel arrangements. There was a cost involved in having no rewards / plans to which to look forward.
  2. Particularly when the lock down began, it was frightening. There was a sense of foreboding, fear and apprehension about what we were facing … some TV watching obsessions.
  3. Those at high risk (or with loved ones at high risk), due to chest/health exposures, experienced serious anxiety.
  4. One of our members shared how difficult it was when her husband was in hospital, gravely ill, and she was forbidden to visit him. This was a very painful time.
  5. Another member shared the emotional roller coaster of experiencing her daughter’s wedding cancellation … days before it was scheduled. She shared the sense of loss and grief at having to forfeit all the planning, outfits, and celebrations.
  6. The teachers in our midst shared their frustration regarding the confusing messages and uncertainty and the disruption to normal teaching routines.

Perhaps surprisingly though, almost everyone wanted to share the positive aspects of their experiences. So while we identified challenges … most considered the whole experience was not negative overall.

How has it changed us?

We talked about the focus on hygiene and the risk of many developing obsessive compulsive behaviours around washing hands and general personal hygiene. But again, most agreed this was a positive social transition.

There was general confidence that the hospitality industry would respond to the risks and provide services safely and respectfully. Most agreed they would be willing to embrace travel again when restrictions permitted – both domestically and internationally.

Positive aspects

While, for those of us who live in the rural sector, our day to day lives were not dramatically affected, here are some of our thoughts on the positive outcomes of this experience:

  1. Some believed that being locked in had stimulated many to appreciate getting outdoors and exercising.
  2. Family zoom meetings had emerged in a way we hadn’t been enjoying before. This was something the women wanted to maintain.
  3. It was wonderful to see camaraderie emerge in how communities wanted to support each other through this difficult time.
  4. The experience had made as all consider what was really important in our lives. It gave us an opportunity for forced reflection and time out.