Family Today

2018 Event 1: What is a ‘Family’ today?

Dun and Dusted! What an evening we had.

14 ladies gathered in the Spring Creek lounge room. We welcomed Belinda Macartney, our guest speaker, and had how minds opened to the role and challenges of a marriage celebrant.

The discussion began and we covered a range of issues from the legality of vows and marriage itself, statistics on divorce rates and the trend that people are staying married for longer, the sensitivities of not knowing your biological roots, appropriate role models for children in same-sex relationships, in particular, we discussed the need for a father role model. We talked about extended family models and how non-family members can take on family roles.

We all left with new ideas to consider.

Below are the links we shared leading up to the evening:

  • I wrote this a blog to kick start thinking.
  • The content of this course was eye-popping as to how babies are being made today.
  • This BBC program is eye-opening when considering how we condition our children for gender. I highly recommend watching these two episodes.
  • A young woman speaks out about being raised by two women (YouTube).
  • A doctor questions gender reassignment in children (YouTube)

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