"This group has been created to facilitate conversations that will give you opportunity to grow."
MargĂ´T TesCh

Looking for opportunity to make new connections?

Probing various topics in-depth, teasing out nuances and different perspectives, gives opportunity to connect with others (perhaps even people you already know) in new, and unexpected ways.

Tyranny of distance

Finding the tyranny of distance isolating?

Living in the rural sector can be isolating. That’s why Rural Women only meet quarterly. This minimises the need to travel and gives those interested, the opportunity to mark their calendars and plan ahead.

Hungry to learn from others?

We all hold heart-felt views about sensitive topics. But understanding why someone else holds a view, even one quite contrary to your own, is a fantastic way to explore many aspects of an idea. And this has the potential to grow your depth of understanding of life … i.e. your wisdom.

Let's talk!!

Rural Outreach

Living in the rural sector presents challenges for rural women to engage with each other.

Opportunity to Connect

Free of judgement - there is no right or wrong in any topic - our gatherings provide women the safe space to be authentic yet enquiring.

Hot Topics

This forum is designed to provide a new avenue for engagement and our goal is to explore some of the tough topics underlying our day-to-day lives.

Community Building

This is such an incredible way to deepen your friendships and explore new connections with other rural women.

Come to talk or come simply to listen.

Offering great events to a community of dynamic members.